Sunday, 26 May 2013

   we went to perform at Shaking The Shelf,  
an evening of performances relating to the groundbreaking artist book exhibition 
Press and Release at Brighton's Phoenix Arts...
little did we realise what a magical evening it would be, 
with wondrous performances from among others Iain Paxon; 
a mysterious illustrated story narrated by the artist
accompanied by solo piano, a hand made costume and charmingly 
clunky slides of his drawings...The audience were  led through and around 
the building expertly by compere and organiser Belinda Greenhalgh-

We did two sets......interspersed  by a talk by Jackie Batey of Damp Flat Books and two unforgettable performances by Laboratorio, an erotic bookdance to the death, and more esoteric fare from Carolina Diaz and  a delightfully  enigmatic musical accompaniment.....
We finished off proceedings, in a little intimate room, pink lit and filled by our
hand made set.....


Intimate it was....gloriously intimate; Ian and Biscuit on the finest of forms.....Bently in full becostumed flow....attentive appreciative of my favourite gigs ever and Mark Dyball came all the way from London with his lovely neice to see us ...thinks?..must buy that man a pint...

 Here are some pictures of the actual exhibition.... including Liver and Lights No. 30. Thirty People on a specially designed plinth with kneeling cushions....The whole exhibition, designed by Ben Thompson and curated by Karin Mori is a wonder...Ben Thompson, the designer and constructor of all the  displays is a genius...each artist has her or his  setting designed specifically for the work.....

I've seen a lot of Artist Book shows over the years...this is one of, if not the, most inspiring of the lot....No Artist Book show in the future can be made without reference to this one....

If you are interested in Books and you miss this , in future you will have to lie and say you did see the legendary Sex Pistols gig at The Screen on The Green....
Its on til'  June the 9th, so theres still time...

                  The Artist explains the concept behind 'Kathy's Plums' to a bemused visitor

 Bones and The Aft try out a substitute drummer  
(Hannah Trolley...) whilst Biscuit isnt looking

 Bodmans Black Humours.... Sarah's collection thereof...another innovative viewing can actually play with the  books but not steal them!! Excellent!!

 Hannah tells Biscuit the news that he wont be  needed for the gig......

 The legendary Otto's  wondrous  books on a wondrous plinth

 Andi McGarry's Sun Moon and Stars suspended display

Bones & The Aft....The Model, 
from above...


More Otto's.....I'm a big fan of his work....and Ben Thompson's  
plinth buliding...Hire this man!...Exhibition design of genius.

 Awaiting the return of the audience.....

O, what tender memories fond........

Photographer:  Kathy Round

(Her who says its all the fault
of Britney Spears and Simon Cowell,
but not her of Plums fame....)

Sunday, 12 May 2013

We are playing at Brighton's 
prestigious Phoenix Arts 
in a special,
celebratory evening called 
Shaking the Shelf
as part of an amazing exhibition of Artist Books,
 (including quite a few by me)

There are some other really interesting 
performances/ artists playing
as well as Bones & The Aft including the 
amazing Hamilton Yarns
and Jackie Batey of Damp Flat Books fame
tickets are only £5.00 
and you can get them
in advance on this link..
they are limited and might sell out so do it now!!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

 Album launch Gig at Tulse Hill Tavern
Lovely people running venue,
warm, kind and  friendly...thank you
Lovely audience too,
Thanks for coming and spending 
your hard earned dosh
on us

This is Jerkcurb...
a fantastic, evocative set from
one so young and talented...
he'll go far this boy.....