Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bones &The Aft 2014

   Bones & The Aft,

A celebration of  DIY culture and a rough mixture of art, street poetry and  eccentric electric pop music, Bones & The Aft really are band like no other, sometimes described as  Primal Rock Theatre with their homemade costumes, elaborate pop–up stage sets, stark state-of-the-nation storytelling and virtuoso musicianship. They are:


Admiral Lord Biscuit
has played drums with Ivich Lives, the Doctors of Love, Florence Welch, Rum Shebeen and many others. Half accomplished multi instrumentalist and half Mad Inventor, he is the current holder of the  London South Bank Centre International Piano Scrapheap Challenge trophy. There is nothing he cannot play!!


Ian Mckean.
Making his name in the eighties with Generation X offshoot Twenty Flight Rockers and later the Virgin signed Balaam and the Angel, guitarist Mckean provides raw yet sensitive guitarscapes to contain and enhance the   emotionally charged observational storytelling of…


John Bently,
provider of words, costumes and hand painted sets. Although his association with Mckean stretches back to their schooldays, Bently is best known for his internationally collected long running series of art in book form, The Liver and Lights Scriptorium. Bones and the Aft are these books brought to life, by a fearlessly entertaining, memorably passionate performer….


“A mythical metropolis inhabited by a teeming population of sharply drawn, richly detailed  characters”.
Aiden Dunne. The Irish Times

“A heart-warmingly honest and funny portrayal of the romance, nightmares and sheer mundane hell of travel.” Jon Lander.  Bookartbookshop, London
“…. an intriguing, if left-field guitar-dominated experimental poetry-to-music venture from Bones & The Aft.”   FRoots Magazine
“….think a mixture of Charles Dickens and BBCs ‘The Office’ (weird I know, but go with it). He captures the rather beautiful melancholy and mundane theatricality of city living.”  Lucy Binnington. Brixton Blog.
tel 07554965844

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