Monday, 16 June 2014

Chiar Ambrosio John Bently. Liver and Lights No 23 100 books

I made this book, Liver & Lights No 23: 100 books in the mid 1990's as a personal response to various then recent acts of state tyranny against writers and other people who had criticised a government in some way...The Nigerian Ken Saro Wiwa just been  executed, among others. The project started life as a 100 word poem made in a 100 versions, with each version changed by one word, but somehow still retaining its meaning. I felt this somehow reflected my feeling that you can kill the singers but never the song, once sung. I set the poems in 100 different hand made books, this one being a giant newspaper, which Chiara Ambrosio has most kindly animated thereby bringing the work to life once more. Thanks Chiara!!

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