Thursday, 10 October 2019

bonesandtheaft / Glove Paintings at Hart Club

Hart Club
Liver & Lights
the Legendary 
Glove Paintings 
One Shoe Mickey,
and other works
by him,
collectively  comprising

Liver & Lights No 56 - 58

Hart Club 
95 Westminster Bridge Rd

Thursday 14th - Sunday 24th November 2019

Opening Hours
Thursday - Sunday from 11am - 7pm

Private View
Thursday 14th November 6 - 9 pm
(A free copy of Liver & Lights No 58 for the first
30 visitors on the night…)

with live performance by 
Friday 22nd November 2019 at 7 pm


Liver and Lights is the collective name for the many interelated projects 
of the artist John Bently,
including, paintings, mischief, poetry, props, 
stage sets, costumes and legendary musical performances 
with the band bonesandtheaft, also incorporating 
the Liver & Lights series of artists publications, 
being 58 volumes in 38 years so far.

The current Liver and Lights project is called 
One Shoe Mickey and started out three years ago as a
 collection of lost gloves found on the streets of 
London and made into a costume.

The costume, when worn by the artist, becomes 
transformed into  the character One Shoe Mickey
a  heartbroken former refugee.  
His sanity seemingly unravelled by the horrors of the Long Road, 
he  believes the gloves are his lost family.  

Renowned filmmaker Chiara Ambrosio 
filmed  of him forlornly trudging the  wealthy Bloomsbury streets attempting to reunite 
the gloves with their lost partners, which you can see here:

Back in his cardboard home,  
he makes many paintings of the gloves which he hopes 
will help to reunite them with their lost partners. 
In doing so Mickey receives a mysterious revelation 
that there is a One True Glove somewhere out there 
in the city that will unite all the 
gloves and heal all the divisions in the world by 
melting the borders between nations, creeds, colours and religions.

The band bonesandtheaft, empathising with his plight,   r
ecently created an album of songs to tell his story, 
with Mickey’s words  set to music composed by Ian Mckean. 
They also  created  two books containing all the 
lyrics and the paintings made by Mickey, 
being Liver & Lights nos 56 and 57.

This exhibition  at Hart Club gallery contains all 
the paintings made by Mickey and a new book written by 
him being 

Liver & Lights No 58:The Burger of Truth

…which will be given out Free to the first 30 
people who come to the private view on 
Thursday 14th November 2019  6-9 pm

Bonesandtheaft will also give a special performance 
of  the One Shoe Mickey song Cycle 
and other   favourite tunes on 
Friday 22nd Nov at 7 pm

…..But the most amazing thing is how these books 
come to life through  bonesandtheaft, 
the performance wing of The Liver and Lights Scriptorium, 
in which Bently and his band play 
out the texts as songs as he enacts these characters while dressed in wonderful costumes”   S Bodman AN Mag

“John Bently declaims his compelling poetry 
while guitarist Ian Mckean and drummer David Beschizza
Fearlessly zigzag through punk anger and 
energy, progressive time shifts and classical 
guitar transcriptions of Alexander Scriabin. 
Exciting stirrings from the literary and musical DIY underground” 
Froots June 2016

“A scavenger of social archaeology”  Brixton Blog/Bugle  

“A mythical metropolis inhabited by a teeming population of sharply drawn, 
richly detailed  characters”. Aiden Dunne. The Irish Times

Hart Club is a new gallery in SE1 championing 
neurodiversity within the Arts. 
We commission original artwork that focuses 
on collaboration and celebrating 
the intersection of ideas and differences 
in artistic approaches and ways of thinking. 
Hart Club’s focus is to inclusively represent 
neurodivergent artists to make and exhibit w
ork as a means to building confidence, community 
and wellbeing. We also work to facilitate 
collaboration and forge working relationships 
between established artists and talented 
neurodivergent artists so as to explore the benefits 
of this creative exchange.

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