Monday, 18 June 2018

New Book Here

Liver & Lights No 56. 
One Shoe Michael.

The New paperback is here!!

Dear Subscriber….

There has been a slight change of plan!  
When subscribing, you might have imagined you were getting a copy 
of something entitled Liver & Lights No 57, as announced…

On reflection, I have come to believe that the whole One Shoe Mickey 
project should come under the umbrella heading of  

L&L 56, 

including the enclosed paperback containing the complete song cycle
 and all Mickey’s paintings of lost gloves collected from the streets of London.

L&L 56 also includes the handmade Verbfoot Jack hardback published 
in May and It will eventually encompass an  album of new songs by
Bonesandtheaft with  music inspired by One Shoe Mickeys’s words 
by Ian Mckean 
with assistance from 
Bird Radio and Lord Biscuit.

it will also include, eventually, Chiara Ambrosio’s film-in-progress…
If you havent seen the recently released excerpt yet, you can watch it here:

Incidentally....if you want a copy its £12.00  including postage...
send me the cash via paypal and I'll post one to you:

Hope thats  all clear!

Love JB x 

Friday, 1 June 2018

Star of Kings June 2nd 8pm

Last gig until autumn.........

New paperback out soon
cover photo: Chiara Ambrosio

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

st leonards gigs info

forthcoming gigs at Archer Lodge, St leonards,
ticket info  and venue info below:

Friday, 13 April 2018


So...on to the summer!
We are doing two special gigs 
in St Leonards with the inimitable
genius that is 
Oliver Cherer
they are at 
Archer Lodge,  
Charles Rd, St Leonards, 

Friday  18th May
Saturday 19th May

Doors 7pm 

Tickets  will be limited..about 50 per night I think. 
They will be hand printed souvenirs,
 like the one reproduced here! 

You can either pay  £10 advance per ticket here:

and I will post them to you,
or rsvp to:
to reserve them
 and collect them on the door 
on the night

Saturday, 13 January 2018

happy new ear

Happy New Ear 
to all loyal 

here is a new drawing to cheer you up.... 
we have some lovely treats for you upcoming, namely 
 a gig on
Saturday 24th February 
with Arthur Bently and Ella Rimmer's new band
(also featuring the wonderful Max Pope and others...)

Bonesandtheaft/Bird Radio
/Kit Rimmer 
This gig will be at a 
secret new venue 
in South london so 
keep the date free 
and we'll let you know 
the venue later....

also, for your later spring Diary..
we are doing 
Archers Lodge
in St Leonards 
Friday 18th and Saturday 19th May 2018
with the amazing 
Oliver Cherer and his band
the dates  will be all ticket
so we'll give you booking details soon.......

Saturday, 4 November 2017

100 books again

Liver & Lights No 23 100 Books

This project was inspired, if that's the right word
by the execution of the writer Ken Saro Wiwa
by the Nigerian Government twenty odd years ago,
along with the recent random
executions of various writers by the Iranian government.

I tried to create a song in response to these acts and realised that
after fifteen drafts or so
that I wasn't doing the subject matter justice
and that the song, or at least its simple meaning,
 was staying the same  even 
though I was moving the words around. ...

So..I continued the editing and changing
and eventually stopped at 100
different versions of the poem, 
some with one word only changed.

 ......the words themselves were
writhing out of the reach 
of a mythical tyrant who was trying to ban them.

The Tyrant  executes the singers,
but the song sings on and on, eventually
coming to haunt him forevermore in hell.

In order to celebrate these 100 songs,
each one different but the same,
I constructed 100 completely different books 
to contain them...
some of them are illustrated here.

A touring exhibition of the hundred books was banned by five of the venues
who originally booked it for being 'political'....

Earlier this year the wonderful Chiara Ambrosio
brought the project back to life after
20 years dormant by arranging for 100
singers to come together at The Horse Hospital
in London to perform the  cycle in its
entirety for the first time.

The recording of this by Mikey Kirkpatrick will be
broadcast for the first time on the Radiophrenia
performance radio station in Glasgow
on Sunday 12th November at 10.30 pm