Saturday, 10 November 2018

bones at the Tate...

are performing live at
Tate Britain
this being the official launch of
Liver & Lights No 56
One Shoe Mickey
book and album,
on Friday 7th December 2018,
Doors open 7pm
 Music starts at 8pm Sharp.

Its a free event but limited entrance so
please come early to pick up  available tickets......

Its happening in the Library Archive Reading Rooms
behind the toilets on the ground Floor
(I love that detail....)
 and its its part of the
Late At The Tate 
series of events,
so there will lots of other stuff happening on the night
readings, performances, DJs etc
...check their website...
from 6 til 9.30pm and its all

Incidentally, a note about my  Show and Tell Talk
about the history of Liver & Lights in the Tate Archive
in the afternoon?

Apparently it says sold out on the website but
I hear they are going to make another ten or so spaces available
 if you are interested in going
let them or me know...


One Shoe Michael; a London Song Cycle.  
A new album by bonesandtheaft
(Liver & lights No 56, Part Three)

Please order your advance copies now:
This is  a limited edition cd only
 ( although it will  soon be eventually available as a download too…)  
The cd is £10. plus £2.00 postage.

If you buy it together with Liver & Lights no 56 Part 2
(the  illustrated full colour paperback of all the lyrics and all Mickey’s beautiful glove paintings) 
its only £15.00 for both and postage is free..

Postage is also free if you buy more than one copy

Payment by cheque to:   
Liver & Lights Scriptorium,  229 Railton Rd, London, SE24 0LX.

By Bank Transfer ( Bank details on request from

Or, by prefered method:

Monday, 16 July 2018

bonesandtheaft news summer 18

we haven't gone away.
just locked in our gloomy sheds creating works of genius,
whiles the sunshine burns away unnoticed out in the real world.

We will be back soon with a new book,
album, film and backdrop
and news of late summer gigs.

in the  is a great photo of us
performing at the Portico Hall last March.
taken and copyright by Julius Beltrame

oh...and here is the new backdrop....

in a state of near completion...
see you all soon!!

Monday, 18 June 2018

New Book Here

Liver & Lights No 56. 
One Shoe Michael.

The New paperback is here!!

Dear Subscriber….

There has been a slight change of plan!  
When subscribing, you might have imagined you were getting a copy 
of something entitled Liver & Lights No 57, as announced…

On reflection, I have come to believe that the whole One Shoe Mickey 
project should come under the umbrella heading of  

L&L 56, 

including the enclosed paperback containing the complete song cycle
 and all Mickey’s paintings of lost gloves collected from the streets of London.

L&L 56 also includes the handmade Verbfoot Jack hardback published 
in May and It will eventually encompass an  album of new songs by
Bonesandtheaft with  music inspired by One Shoe Mickeys’s words 
by Ian Mckean 
with assistance from 
Bird Radio and Lord Biscuit.

it will also include, eventually, Chiara Ambrosio’s film-in-progress…
If you havent seen the recently released excerpt yet, you can watch it here:

Incidentally....if you want a copy its £12.00  including postage...
send me the cash via paypal and I'll post one to you:

Hope thats  all clear!

Love JB x 

Friday, 1 June 2018

Star of Kings June 2nd 8pm

Last gig until autumn.........

New paperback out soon
cover photo: Chiara Ambrosio

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

st leonards gigs info

forthcoming gigs at Archer Lodge, St leonards,
ticket info  and venue info below:

Friday, 13 April 2018


So...on to the summer!
We are doing two special gigs 
in St Leonards with the inimitable
genius that is 
Oliver Cherer
they are at 
Archer Lodge,  
Charles Rd, St Leonards, 

Friday  18th May
Saturday 19th May

Doors 7pm 

Tickets  will be limited..about 50 per night I think. 
They will be hand printed souvenirs,
 like the one reproduced here! 

You can either pay  £10 advance per ticket here:

and I will post them to you,
or rsvp to:
to reserve them
 and collect them on the door 
on the night