Saturday, 24 September 2016

Last few copies!

From Herne Hill 
to the 
Plains of Penge…
A Liver & Lights Compendium 

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Published by Bookartbookshop; a brand  new Liver & Lights Compendium paperback 
containing texts, poems, lyrics and songs from Liver & Lights 24- 54 (1996 - 2016), being a
 comprehensive selection of those lyrics made notable in  performance 
by Bones & The Aft and The After Rabbit
The book will also be liberally illuminated, both full page  and text-sprinkled..

Only the first hundred copies of this book will be numbered  and 
signed and contain a signed three colour foam-cut print 

These are  available now to subscribers at a cost of 
£14.99 per copy plus £2 P&P (postage free for multiple copies)

"John Bently is an archaeologist.. 
He unearths stories from his surroundings as though stumbling on the pieces left behind by
ancient civilizations under layers of earth and rock, celebrating
 the quiet and invisible characters that populate
 his world and seeking within their humble stories all the truths 
that they hold about our common humanity.”

Chiara Ambrosio

ISBN 978-0-9927746-2-2

To reserve a copy please pay £14.99 plus £2.00 postage per copy
 (Postage free for multiple copies) to:

or by cheque payable to:
Liver & Lights, 229 Railton Rd, London, SE24 0LX.
 Bank details on request for bank transfers  etc….

Last few signed copies!
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