Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Good Lord its  Christmas time again
and  we hope you have a fantastic one...
full of snowflakes, spacecakes, time travel
morecombe and wise,
terry and june,
callard and bowser,
crocket and Jones,
Simon and Garfunkel
peters and lee
cannon and ball.....

...sunsets and sunrises, much good news
and tidings from afar,
long lost  soulmates,
songbirds rescued from ice and warmed back to life
misletoe kisses,
fancy presents, gloves socks chocolates
and many  dreams of the come true kind
are wished  for you
from Art Pop HQ,
Earbones and The Aft
Johnny Hammer
Brian Anvil
Mickey Stirrup

PS...We have just been in the recording studio and have laid down, as they say, some musical masterpieces - namely
Brixton, Kings Cross, Stale Biscuits and a definitve The Son
coming your way in a variety of forms, 
some of them very hand made,
In the New Year which we
also happily wish for you...
See you all soon!!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Some more photos from the goings on last weekend....this time from the Attic, above Hackney Picture House on Mare St, Hackney  (Used to be The Ocean......)....seeing as most of you got lost somewhere on route.....great gig tho!!!....PS Last photo is me in you can see, time has been kind to me...I am very rarely mistaken for a girl these days,  unlike Ian and Biscuit.

Here's some photos of us performing last Saturday at The Half Moon Herne Hill in front of  our newly painted backdrop and screens that took me months to make....also some pics of our wonderful guests Kill The Dandies, Lark and Captal.....They had to perform in front of it too... On a rainy night with England awash with floods and flu,  I only wish more of you could have seen it...but  maybe you'll get another chance next year?...... xxx. More Pics Later!!!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Roll up!  Roll up!........this way to The Attic 270 Mare St this Friday 23rd November and The Half Moon Herne Hill the next day, Saturday 24th November at 8pm..........Photo by 
my pal Abul         ....are those flies coming undone again????

Friday, 9 November 2012

This is my new painted Bones & The Aft
 painted performance backdrop..which will be unveiled 
in all its  glory probably at the upcoming Half Moon gig on 
24th November along with eight free standing
 painted wooden screens.....Too difficult to install 
at Hackney picture house I'm thinking....

Anyway....for those of you who like such details, 
 its acrylic on canvas - three bits sewn
 together, because the  finished thing is actually 
bigger than the bigest wall in my studio and
 I had to do it in sections and stitch it together ( Its about 12 ft by 8 ft)

These two are details.....the top image is most of
 the central image ..about two feet cut off each side

Golden,  Mythical South London, in 
front of which we shall proudly cavort...

Thursday, 18 October 2012

I just carved this.....out of hand.....took ages but you are all worth it!!!!   It advertises two gigs we're doing in November with Lark and Kill the Dandies about which there'll be more later....

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Some news just in!!!  Bones and the aft will be supporting noted London art rockers LARK ( featuring enigmatic poet/ singer Karl Beilik and ex Balaam guitarist Jim Morris) and deliciously odd Czech band KILL THE DANDIES at The Hackney Picture House, Mare St Hackney London E8, on  Friday 23rd November .....This will be our East London debut, so no excuse for not coming, all you oriental fans.....
...and on the following night,  Saturday 24th November, we travel back to our to spiritual home, The Half Moon in Herne Hill where we play with the same bill only this time they will be supporting us and  we will reveal our new 3D magical hand painted stage set....
You can check em out here......

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Thomastown part 4

                                                                The Eye Suit explained.....

 These next photos are of The Bridgebrook Arms in Thomastown (AKA The Red Door) probably the best pub in Ireland and thats saying something innit?......hope to play there next year...brilliant live music cinema and general all round so much atmosphere and freindliness you dont want to leave....

                                        This is an outdoor space so you can smoke in it!!!!

                                                Thats Barry the landlord serving the pints

McGarry and Bently at Grennan Mill thomastown Part 3

                                         John B hugging Veronica Harris at Grennan Mill  PV

 Chloe and Will after Will's epic swim in the, in the stream at the bottom of our 
                        lovely tree house, where we all stayed during the show in Ireland

               Stuff in exhibition relating to our lives....Kathys clothes and photos of kids and the                            van  and  graphics     from various gigs........and some costumes!!

                                             Andi McGarry's books and some drawings......

                        Routemaster set of recent road movies including the famous PENGE!!

                                           Some people looking at some other  people...


Friday, 24 August 2012

You might also like to see me showing off on The Burrow in Kilmore Quay with some found costumes? I can never resist a found costume!!!
 Here are some photos of our earth shatterringly wonderful show in Grennan Mill Craft School, Thomastown in county Kilkenny.....We had about two thousand visitors during the ten days of Killkenny Arts Festival...especially after we got a stunning review in the Irish Times.

 ....and heres what the mythically aserbic Aiden Dunne said about us:  " There's a fantastic, unstinting generosity to their displays....In his narratively dense work Bently, tending towards the monochromatic, describes a mythical metropolis inhabited by a teeming horde of sharply drawn, richly detailed characters. McGarry takes a different, more elemental route, a watery domain of sea, rain, islands, bobbing coracles and flowing colour. His paintings of figures, wraiths against the shifting, edgy light of the sea, are particularly outstanding."

 We had the time of our lives after that came out.......STOP PRESS...Bones & The Aft invited back to play next this space!!!...

Stars of the show, naturally were Kathy's wonderful clothes which narratively celebrate our lives in what we wear.....and also, strangely,  the scale models Bones & The Aft:

                                 These are some of Andi McGarry's wonderful hand made books.....

 ...and this is My Ancestors Came (Liver & Lights 40), another popular stopping point in the show and shown together in a big block for the first time......

Saturday, 21 July 2012

These are my favourite moments from Latitude 2012.....
Wooden Shjips making the sun shine...
Keyboard player looks like me, said Arthur