Wednesday, 31 August 2016

New Book Coming Containing All Bones & the Aft Lyrics Ever!!

(Some photos from pop.estates of recent tour...) 

Coming Soon!

From Herne Hill to the Plains of Penge…
A Liver & Lights Compendium 

Gleaned from various Liver  & Lights publications, 1996 - 2016, 
as written, Illustrated and performed by 
John Bently
with assistance from
Bones & The Aft

Published by Bookartbookshop; a brand  new Liver & Lights Compendium paperback 
containing texts, poems, lyrics and songs from Liver & Lights 24- 54 (1996 - 2016), being a
 comprehensive selection of those lyrics made notable in  performance by Bones & The Aft and The After Rabbit
The book will also be liberally illuminated, both full page  and text-sprinkled..

The Liver & Lights Chronicle was started by John Bently and friends in 1983, 
beginning life as a sort of manifesto and  evolving over the  33 years
 of its existence into a  lifelong exploration of the book as a medium and  a highly personal, 
eccentrically illuminated chronicle of our peculiar lives and times,
 with particular reference to a mythic London wherein the author resides.

Only the first hundred copies of this book will be numbered  and 
signed and contain a signed three colour foamcut print and a cd copy 
of the recent bones and the aft album The Rafter Habit. 
These will available to subscribers from the end of October at a cost of 
£14.99 per copy plus £2 P&P (postage free for multiple copies)

“Exciting stirrings from the literary and musical DIY underground” 
Froots. Magazine  June 2016

Everything about the Liver & Lights project is completely individual. Go and explore it…”  
Dai Jeffries.

“Acutely observed social documentary, presented in a way that is both affectionate and contemplative”. 
Sarah Bodman. AN magazine.

“A mythical metropolis inhabited by a teeming population of sharply drawn, richly detailed  characters”. Aiden Dunne. The Irish Times

He captures the rather beautiful melancholy and mundane theatricality of city living.” Lucy Binnington. Brixton Blog.

Design & layout J.Bently and Alice Bardgett

Published by Bookartbookshop,17 Pitfield Street, London, N1 6HB. ISBN 978-0-9927746-2-2

To reserve a copy please pay £14.99 plus £2.00 postage per copy
 (Postage free for multiple copies) to:

or by cheque payable to:
Liver & Lights, 229 Railton Rd, London, SE24 0LX.
 Bank details on request for bank transfers  etc….

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of their 'Funny Man' can buy track  ('Curtains' ), 
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