Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Tour Photos 2016

These are a few photos of our pretty unforgettable tour of
people houses last year  as 
Bones & The Aft Plus Bird Radio....
Mostly taken by the inimitable


We really have written a song for each house and 
have nearly finished recording them for another
Vinyl Album!!!!!

Coming Soon !!!!!
Also, we are going to do it again next year
so watch this space for
further details........

 putting up backdrop, Lewes

You will find Mikey in the garden....Lewes

 Mucking about in Faversham

  Spooky in Bournemouth...

 Bournemouth setting up



 Englishman cooking his scrambled eggs in St Leonards


Bird Radio and John B Hereford

Admiral Lord Biscuit

Leigh Folk Festival

 Bird Radio at Will and Chloe's flat St Leonards

 The Volvo!

 The Arches...St Leonards

 Bournemouth, in  the garden

Lord B

Hereford, Garway Hill

  Dave and Sarah Bournemouth



and finally home at last....

the full set of Englishman's tour photos is here: