Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Liver & Lights No. 52: Some Pages

 These are some pages from 
Liver & Lights No 52
Lord Biscuits Volvo 245 is Gone !
which we will be launching
on Saturday July 12th at
Bread & Roses, 
68 Clapham Manor St,
8pm. Adm £5.00

The text has allready been made into New Music
which we will be performing for you on the night

 In case you might be interested,
each page is hand printed from a 
cut foam rubber type block  and
each page is about 6 by 4 inches 
and there are only a few left...
I made sixty or so but the plates have 
started to crumble and deteriorate
so there'll be no second edition in this form.

They're £30 and there are 11 left..
If you want one let me know asap

This last image is of a special edition of the book 
I've just made, contained in a wooden hinged slipcase and with an original
painting inside. There are only three of these and they'll
be about £300 if you want one.   I might or might not
do some more......maybe one more....


Monday, 16 June 2014

Chiar Ambrosio John Bently. Liver and Lights No 23 100 books

I made this book, Liver & Lights No 23: 100 books in the mid 1990's as a personal response to various then recent acts of state tyranny against writers and other people who had criticised a government in some way...The Nigerian Ken Saro Wiwa just been  executed, among others. The project started life as a 100 word poem made in a 100 versions, with each version changed by one word, but somehow still retaining its meaning. I felt this somehow reflected my feeling that you can kill the singers but never the song, once sung. I set the poems in 100 different hand made books, this one being a giant newspaper, which Chiara Ambrosio has most kindly animated thereby bringing the work to life once more. Thanks Chiara!!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Liver & Lights No 52

So...this is a bit of advance notice so's you can 
keep it free in your diary...
We are launching our new book soon!!!  at

Bread & Roses
168 Clapham Manor St,

Sat 12th July
8pm Adm £5.00

The book is called

Liver and Lights No. 52
Lord Biscuits Volvo 245 is Gone!

A hand printed epic true story, brought 
to life in book form and the 
Primal Rock Theatre of

Bones and his Aft

As you can see from the flyer,
we are joined on the night by the wonderful
flute toting performance artist musical 
not to be missednessthat is

Bird Radio
who recently released his debut album
“The Boy and the Audience” 
shortly followed by 
the “Time to Go” Film Trilogy on 7th October 2013 
with SFE/Cherry Red Records.

He is currently composing and recording his 
second album"Oh, Happy England" based on 
poems by Walter de la Mare, due for release in 

Bird Radio draws from primordial folk, blues and ritualistic sound 
to create powerful songs that combine the ancient art of storytelling 
with rousing and hypnotic beats and rhythms. 

He has been described as a  
"A mix of old testament preacher and Captain Beefheart..." 
 “a flute-toting, bass drum-beating sensation...” 
(Rick Pearson, Evening Standard), 
"...future medieval, as if J.G. Ballard had written 
The Wicker Man” (Steve Chandra Savale, Asian Dub Foundation) 
and “…stirring beats and complex gothic flute 
arrangments in modern Anglo-Saxon folk music style, 
Brel-inspired chanson, or Kurt Weill-sounding 
theatrical music…” (Nöjesguiden, Sweden)

Liver & Lights No 52 , 
Is a heart warming
elegy to the Human Spirit. 
The story of Lord Biscuit’s Jam Jar 
and how he stood up to the bullies and thieves. 
It is a small-edition book, very labour of lovingly 
hand printed on black laid paper.  It has been 
 turned into a song and 
available only on this night,  ( £30.00)
along with many and the usual
other hand made delights….

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Parallel Cities Films

Last Thursday,
Parallel Cities show at
Safe House 1 and 2, Peckham-
a wonderfully atmospheric gig 
in an old derelict house,
turned into a gallery space.....
Lots of brilliant London themed work;

a collaboration between Graphics and Illustration 
degree students from Camberwell College of Art....
We provided a kind of musical icing on their cake...
Ian forgot his strap and had to sit down...Lord Biscuit forgot his sticks!
I forgot to wear underpants.....
but still the show went on, somehow!!