Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Good Lord its  Christmas time again
and  we hope you have a fantastic one...
full of snowflakes, spacecakes, time travel
morecombe and wise,
terry and june,
callard and bowser,
crocket and Jones,
Simon and Garfunkel
peters and lee
cannon and ball.....

...sunsets and sunrises, much good news
and tidings from afar,
long lost  soulmates,
songbirds rescued from ice and warmed back to life
misletoe kisses,
fancy presents, gloves socks chocolates
and many  dreams of the come true kind
are wished  for you
from Art Pop HQ,
Earbones and The Aft
Johnny Hammer
Brian Anvil
Mickey Stirrup

PS...We have just been in the recording studio and have laid down, as they say, some musical masterpieces - namely
Brixton, Kings Cross, Stale Biscuits and a definitve The Son
coming your way in a variety of forms, 
some of them very hand made,
In the New Year which we
also happily wish for you...
See you all soon!!