Wednesday, 13 October 2021

 Liver & Lights 


A Benefit Happening  

for  the  

Cressingham Gardens 

Fighting Fund help the Cressingham Gardens Community to 

challenge in the courts Lambeth Council, 

who are seeking to demolish one of the

most beautiful and sensitive council developments 

ever built in this country, 

with little regard for the wishes of the residents 

or the wider local community…


live music  

from Kurdish Superstar 

Nawros Oramari,

the bizarre adventures of

Snareby Moon of Slingy Gaw,

the Inimitable 

Bird Radio,

The amazing trousers of


and the wayward genius of the 

Teeth Machine Orchestra

The Herne Hill Station Hall

(Above the Ticket Hall)

Saturday  27th November 2021

5pm - 9pm

Doors open   4.30 pm

The show will be all ticket only and all 

proceeds from sales will go to the 

Cressingham Gardens Fighting Fund

Tickets will cost a minumum  donation of £6   

payable here:

you can also donate direct to the fund itself….

(After you have donated, please  email us with your name 

and  address to 

and we will send you a hand printed ticket…..)

Cressingham Gardens estate 

above the western corner of Brockwell Park 

was built between  1967 and 1979 to the designs of 

Lambeth Borough Architects, l

ed by Edward Hollamby. 

It is impressive for the quality of the accommodation 

and layout, and for its striking landscape setting. 

it has extensive Gardens and 

a magical community spirit and is a 

rare example of corporate sensitivity with 

regard to human scale housing in an urban setting. 

The estate is currently under threat 

from proposals by Lambeth Council 

to demolish and redevelop the site for profit.

Monday, 12 July 2021

A selection of the very best 
 images from our recent exhibition
of performing costumes 
at @freethegallery
Haynes Lane, Crystal Palace...

...also a film of  us playing
the Slingy Gaw sequence
at the Private View

(tNB. his becomes live at 12 midday 13th July 2021)

Buy our books!  Buy our music!  (vinyl/cd/download) :

Monday, 31 May 2021

Liver & Lights Presents

bonesandtheaft! - The Costumes

(and some props, backdrops and 

selected publications…)

an Exhibition

Friday 25 - Sunday 27th June 2021

Open daily 11 am -6 pm

Free The Gallery

(Pop up Space)

Haynes Lane Market

(Upper floor down the alley)

Crystal Palace


SE19  3AN

Private View Party and 

Costumed Performance

Saturday  26th June 6 - 9 pm

The New World of Slingy Gaw

(featuring some members of 


There will be only limited attendance 

for this so please RSVP to:

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Slngy Gaw Paintings at Skye Gallery May 1st-22nd

The New World of Slingy Gaw. 
(Born from the mouth of a snail..) 

…and what if in our own world every between things 
boundary, and all the laws of art and science, 
the very bindings of the cosmos, were suddenly 
disappeared as if the rule-glue had dried and 
crumbled out from the spine 
of the book of the universe….. 

An exhibition of new paintings, 
to be exhibited online From May 1-22nd 
at the

This exhibition also sees the launch of
 Liver & Lights no 62. 
The New World of Slingy Gaw. 
(Born from the mouth of a snail) 
A new book containing all the paintings 
in full colour 
and some new songs…… 

isbn 978-1-8384698-1-8 
Published on May 1st 2021. 

Pre publication orders are £10.00 plus £2.00 p&p 
and available now from: 
Or cheque payable to Liver & Lights, 
229 Railton Rd, London SE24 0LX 
Bank details on request from:

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

The New World of Slingy Gaw.

       The New World of Slingy Gaw.  

(Born from the mouth of a snail..)

Liver & Lights No 62

…and what if in our own  world  

every between things boundary, 

and all the laws of art and science, 

the very bindings of the 

cosmos, were suddenly disappeared  

as if the rule-glue 

had dried  and crumbled out f

rom  the spine  of the book 

of the universe…..

….and sound becomes silence, 

and song becomes a knife 

and night  is found  hiding under 

the bed of day and the bright bright laughter of 

children turns into the messenger of despair 

and good deeds spread only evil,  

as growing things ungrow into nothingness 

and the sun spins forth only darkness….

This new Liver & Lights project so far incorporates  

a series of songs written in an imagined  language  

and 40 new paintings of the  imagined future world 

of Slingy Gaw.  

This is a world teeming with magical dancing hybrid 

characters, turned upside down and inside out. 

A strange land where all narrative disappears. 

A land  with its own language where logic has turned 

liquid…a land where  a whole  universe grows 

from  the song of a  snail and dancing has replaced  politics…… 

a land where all living creatures are hermaphodites…

All the paintings will be exhibited together  

online at the Skye  Gallery from May 1-22nd 2021    

(…and where some of them might actually be for sale!)

Some of the songs and most of the the paintings 

have been gathered into a brand  new book,  

Liver & Lights no 62  

published on  May 1st  2021.  

Pre publication  orders are   £10.00 plus £2.00 p&p  

and available now from:

Or cheque payable to: 

Liver & Lights,  

229 Railton Rd, London, SE24 0LX

Bank details on request from:


Thursday, 5 November 2020

Human Family Borderless Planet

There’s room in the world for everyone….


 Our live streamed gig with all proceeds going to

Its definitely on!  


In case you were wondering!

The MUsicians Union have been informed 

(by the government) that:

“Studios can remain open”

and also that:

“Orchestras can rehearse and perform

live streamed gigs”

Tickets still available Now!

 Only £6  with all proceeds...etc from:

Join us….

There’s room in the world for everyone…. 

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Live Streamed Gig!!!


We re back! Sort of!!


will be performing 

a live, streamed,  online!

concert with full costumes, 

sets and smoke and lights

some old songs, some new songs 

some Special Guests!!

Beamed Live direct from 

The Herne Hill Station Hall

On  Saturday 14th November 

at 8 pm on the dot.....

Tickets for this event will be 

£6.00 each with all proceeds

donated  to The Refugee Council

Details of how to book coming soon,

but please make this a firm date in your diary!!