Sunday, 17 June 2012

Just to remind you that Leigh Folk Festival is on next weekend....we played at it the last two years and had a really great time....its completely free and takes over the whole town with music as deliciously unexpected as it is diverse..Sunday is  the main music day...drinking and eating whelks all along the sea front...Saturday is in the park top of town.  They also bring out a brilliant cd everyyear too...this years is called Wrecks ,Rucks, Riots and Ressurection and is absolutely brilliant - check out KC McKanzie Machine Gun Fire and the extraordinary Darren Hayman and The Secondary Modern track Two Tree Island...available from their were on last years CD (The Son) called Horses, Hangings, Homicides and something else beginning with 'H' I can't remember....probably still got copies for sale!!!

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