Friday, 9 November 2012

This is my new painted Bones & The Aft
 painted performance backdrop..which will be unveiled 
in all its  glory probably at the upcoming Half Moon gig on 
24th November along with eight free standing
 painted wooden screens.....Too difficult to install 
at Hackney picture house I'm thinking....

Anyway....for those of you who like such details, 
 its acrylic on canvas - three bits sewn
 together, because the  finished thing is actually 
bigger than the bigest wall in my studio and
 I had to do it in sections and stitch it together ( Its about 12 ft by 8 ft)

These two are details.....the top image is most of
 the central image ..about two feet cut off each side

Golden,  Mythical South London, in 
front of which we shall proudly cavort...

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