Monday, 4 March 2013

                                          Photo by Lorna Milburn

The Ear:
bones & the aft.

And Now!!!bones & the aft have made their first full length record containing for audio posterity most of the numbers that have become Live Favourites over the last two years of memorable performances.. 

The first 200 only will be contained in a lovely handmade package containing the audio cd, professionally made to play on even the most ancient of Compact Disc Equipment, and a Beautiful Reading and Picture Book, containing Explanations Most Especially Configured for  the Esteemed  and Loyal Subscribers.

It will also contain a fold-out Family Tree depicting how connected we are to the wide, wide world…

Like with all the Liver and Lights productions, you The People fund its construction and for so doing your name will be lovingly inscribed in the book.

We need your cash!   Please subscribe now!  Love and music in return!

Its only £10.00 per copy plus £2.00 postage

Or send a cheque made out to Liver and Lights, at  229 Railton Rd, London, SE24 0LX

PS. If you order more than one copy postage is free.......

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