Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Ear

 So  its nearly upon us....
 the costumes have been stitched, 
the books have been glued 
and the screens painted.
....the launch of Liver & Lights No 49.
The Ear:Bones & The Aft

 May 4th  Tulse Hill Tavern, 150 Norwood Rd, SE24
 8 pm support from Jerkcurb 

 Be lovely to see you all there...

Monday, 15 April 2013

Looking back through my cupboards I came across some drawings from previous Liver and Lights 
publications...This one from is from The Yellow Moon In Brockwell Park...(No 37?)

This is Fat Shazzer, From the Billyman..
L&L No. 9...1989 -so long ago!!

Various..photographed at the Camberwell House Gallery Exhibition  a few years ago. From left to right they are: 100 books (No.23), Cuthbert 
-The Border Saint (No.15. 1990) and Hank's magic bottle from No 8 (The One True G'Love...Soake Opera...1988)

My unpublished drawing from 2002

                     Bromley South..L&L no 45 
   (I think...I lose count....)...a current live favourite

Finally....a reminder that Liver & Lights No 49:
 The Ear, bones & the aft's long awaited debut album will be launched with trumpets and great vivollity on May 4th at aforesaid venue with magical support from the internationally talented next big thing