Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Jeans Of Aft
(Formerly known as
The Jeans Of Nencini)
A History...

Just a quick word about my jeans, 
in case you were  wondering..

I've had these jeans for all the time 
I've been with my partner Kathy Round, 13 years I think,
although originally they were hers. 
They are levi 501's and 30 inches round the waist. 
They used to be called "The Jeans of Nencini" because Pete Nencini, 
the noted  artist and designer, 
gave them to Kathy because 
they didnt fit his wife any more 
( we used to all work together at 
Camberwell College of Art).
I have worn them at some stage
 in every live performance I've done 
since the first Afterrabbit gig in 1993 
and I have added a patch or 
stitched something to them every time, 
so they are in effect a map 
of my performing life since then-

Just thought you'd like to know...

Come and see them 
in action on my legs tommorrow 
(Friday 26th July )at 
The Wilmington Arms
69 Rosebery Avenue, London EC1

we'll be on after the lovely Jerkcurb
at 9-30 ish and its only
a fiver on the door

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