Monday, 1 July 2013


These are some pictures of a few
of our most loyal fans
Steve Laws, Chloe Dewe Mathews 
Hannah Trolley and Lovely Hazel and behind them 
1000 of the assembled sun drenched beer sozzled 
but listening oh so intently to every
word Essexers, those salts of the earth 
who so splendidly
did listen to our set on Sunday ...

 and afterwards buying enough t-shirts and cds to
pay for chips and mushy peas all round
and Biscuit's petrol home....

 incidentally....below is the design on the front of the new t-shirt
( as worn by me on stage in accompanying youtube video..)
It is available in medium, large and XL,
 black on white, Fruit of the Loom heavy duty cotton
£7.00 each including postage  from  
Liver & Lights, 229 Railton Rd, London SE24 0LX
cheque made payable to Liver & Lights please...
or paypal to

 There is an alternative design, 
as yet only in a limited edition,
of the graphic image part of our tour invite cards,
(not the lower part with the venue info
and date/time in other words)
same price and address as above...
order quick quick cos theres only
twenty been made....

so...we had a lovely time at Leigh Folk Festival..
highlights being The Famous Potatoes, 
who brought tears to the eyes and blistres to the feet, a captivating combination, 
and the lovely French folk dancers who skipped so slowly 
and a lovely girl called Kathryn in the Folk Club 
secret garden space on saturday who sang Ruby Tuesday all wistful like....
magic moments all got to come one day!!! you really have-
just ask Dianne and her sister and Jim Morris and Karl Beilik....they came all the way from Walthamstow!

You can watch us performing  a bit here:

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