Thursday, 31 October 2013

 If you want to avoid this man, 
dont come to the Camden Enterprise 
-opp chalk farm tube this Saturday 2nd Nov, 
where his band...

 bones & the aft 

might be playing supported by the

 Arthur Bently 
and the 
Luke BowerExperiment.

8pm adm £3.00

PS. New Costume!!

Monday, 21 October 2013

I was at Art College with Geno Crewsy,
who, with his band the Crewsy Fixers
was a wonderfully wild unforgettable
performer on a mission to
save Rock and Roll from
phoneyness and complication
and return it to its wild hillbilly roots…..

Liver  & Lights No 51.

Is a tribute to

who died recently,
tragically young
like so many of his heroes,

Some of whom are rendered here
as block prints along with the band
and other treats, 20 illustrations in all
-some hand printed.

A song, also contained in the book

is currently being rehearsed for
future performance
and recording....

An edition of 100. Hardback,
Black cloth binding,
6” x 4”

Pre publication subscription is
(plus £3.00 postage)
(but free if you order more than one)

Payable by cheque to:

Liver & Lights Scriptorium
229 Railton Rd
London SE24 0LX

(…and please include your name and  address
somewhere in the envelope!)

Or by Paypal to:

Or by hand at our gig
at Camden Enterprise
Sat 2nd November

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Dear Friends...
for those of you with ear-pods and the like,  
our debut album is now available for download online at this address:

and if still you want a real copy,  there are a few left-
lovingly handmade!!!
come and buy one and get it signed by Lord Biscuit!!!
at our gig at 

The Enterprise, 

2 Haverstock Hill, opp. Chalk Farm Tube...
Sat 2nd November 8pm   
Arthur B and Luke Bower support 
(son and pals...)
Love and Kisses

Johnny B

Monday, 7 October 2013

Bones & The Aft in shock
North London Gig shock!
New Costumes!
New Material!
Family Support from Arthur Bently 
and his Talented Pal 
Luke Bower
(Former Brits, former Glue's)

Saturday November 2nd at 
The Enterprise
2 Haverstock Hill, Chalk Farm tube
(Its opposite the Roundhouse....and its upstairs....
and its only £3.00 to get in

Books, Screens, tTshirts, CDs The usual..

Be lovely to see you!!

 This is where Kathy and me
stayed for her birthday treat this year....
In recent years, songs have come from these
visits to decaying seaside towns...
Rochester High Street being a recent example...

Big Brother was watching us...
as we watched the apististras flying
as we came up for air
on the road to Clacton Pier...

Happy summer days in Lancaster...