Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Hi Friends....just back from an exciting weekend supporting 
Balaam and The Angel in Lichfield and thought I'd get round to 
promoting the next chapter in the Bones & The Aft story....

We are about to attempt to revive an exciting rock and roll  tradition, 
unfortunately dwindled to almost (but not quite!!)
The Art School Dance!!!  
we have been granted permission to hold one in the wonderfull 
old Victorian oak panelled lecture theatre at 
Camberwell College of Art Wilsons Road site. 
Previous Art School parties in this wonderfully atmospheric old venue have included 
Camberwell alumni Humphrey Littleton, Syd Barret and Pink Floyd and The Clash...

The gig  will be on Friday 25th April 6-30 til 10.00pm sharp 
and will feature 
Bones and the Aft, 
Arthur Bentlys hotly tipped   (by NME!!) new band 
and the enigmatic student sounds of 
Lost in Fog.

Its All Ticket Only and most of these will be sold to current students  
but I'm reserving twenty only for Bones fans 
so if you want to reserve one please email me now and 
I'll put you on the list  
(PS The tickets are a hand printed collectible limited edition woodblock  print!!!)

Let Me Know!!!

Love to you all

John B x

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Some drawings of imaginary
post holocaust landscapes
done over the last fifteen years
....a recurring theme