Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Many Things of Liver & Lights

 So  ......
here are some more images 
to give you a flavour of the upcoming
Many Things of Liver & Lights 
The show will of course contain  
lots of my books and also
lots of original illustrations from said, 
some of which will be for sale...

there will be props and prints and carvings 
and photos and hand carved gig posters;
backdrops, badges and more books....

 But the show will
also contain some of the
incredible constructions of
Kathyryn Round
her wonderful clothes,
new reinterpretations of earlier garments, 
including stuff we've both
worn and including new work inspired by
Candy Tomlinson's 
legendary battered leather jacket
and my almost as legendary performance trousers

My performance suits! 
Some home made shoes!
and, keeping it in the family,
 a painting of my studio by 
the didn't oughta herself
Freya Bently!

keeping it all in the family
of course
the wonderful 
featuring my son Arthur Bently
on guitar, will be playing with us
on the performance night
along with our magic
friend the magnificent

 Lord Biscuit, Ian Mckean, 
Freya Bently, Arthur Bently,
Kathryn Round, Ollie Briggs
All these people together 
the wonderful world,
The Many Things of Liver & Lights

 Brixton East 1871
100 Barrington Rd, Brixton, London, SW9

26th - 29th October 2015
Open 12- 7 pm daily

…and a live performance evening 
bones & the aft, 
hester and wilde

Thursday 29th October 8-12pm


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