Friday, 13 November 2015

Summer House Tour

We want to come and play in your house!

House gigs are a relatively new way to experience live music in a intimate setting, a million miles away from the sweaty crush of corporate venues and cutting out the money grabbing middlemen…

Bird Radio and Bones and The Aft are collaborating to create a unique and special live experience in your living room or kitchen or garden shed. Coming together due to our profound mutual respect and in anticipation of creating something unmissably memorable together, we are planning a summer tour of intimate venues and homes.  

If you are interested in having us please contact us at the various contact points below. It doesn't matter how small your house is…we will adapt to fit!!  The prospective tour dates are as follows:

Friday 27th May until Sunday June 5th and Friday 8th July until Sunday 17th July

John Bently: / tel: 02075019566/07554965844
Mikey Kirkpatrick (Bird Radio): / tel: 07817801161

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Liver & Lights at Brixton East

Some more pictures from
the Liver & Lights/ Bones and the Aft
the exhibition last week,

including Freya Bently's rather lovely painting 
of her dad posing in his studio,

Bird Radio took this on his phone......

This rat suit is made from old French mail sacks
and was worn by John Bently during performances of
The Beastmaster in 1992!!

Chiara Ambrosio took this on her phone...
my newly painted suit.

  a rail of Kathryn Round silk shirts, one of a series
made from images of precious old outfits...

The Books,
a selection from 53 volumes
in 32 being
1, 2 and  3........