Monday, 21 March 2016

Bones & The Aft Vinyl Update

Work on the vinyl edition of the new Liver & Lights publication,
Liver & Lights No 54. 
Bones & The Aft: The Rafter Habit
is nearly complete with the first fifty covers all hand printed (see image above)
and the books are printed too, what with each copy also 
containing a set of limited edition
signed prints pulled from the original plates 
before they crumble into
oblivion ....

If you paid up front, you can expect one of these to be delivered to 
you in the next few weeks.

If you haven't paid yet and want to get one of the second edition copies
(in another 8 weeks or so) then you have an other  four days before
the book is closed, so to speak....
As I mentioned before..I have to pay for them 
all up front so I cant afford to 'reserve' anyone a copy, or to 
'put one aside' for you. If you want one you will have to fork out!

In the meantime there are a few of the cd in the lovely box left
at £12.00....

Vinyl Lp Second Edition with hand printed cover and book
£25.00 plus £3.00 postage: By cheque  payable to Liver & Lights, 
posted to 229 Railton Road, SE2 40LX
or paypal to 
or Bank Transfer (details on request)

Englishman took this photo....thanks pal x

Friday, 11 March 2016

Bones & The Aft New Album News

Bones & The Aft
The Rafter Habit
Liver & Lights No 54

Dear Loyal Friends and Supporters, we are delighted to announce the imminent completion of a brand new Bones and the Aft record!

More musically diverse than our debut album The Ear, The Rafter Habit contains a beguiling and diverse broth of  musical and literary perspectives, a collection of tantalising glimpses into our contemporary lives as we live them, tales from our London heartland via Rochester to the  Forest of Dean and onwards to the Isle of Skye  and beyond. 

Bones and the Aft are and remain John Bently, Moulder of Words, Ian Mckean, Guitars both Ancient and Modern and Lord Biscuit, the Son of Thor, the builder of thunder and rainbows.

The album will be inevitably and eventually be released in digital formats but only after being born in a variety of hand made limited edition ways, the production of  which we hope you will support by your purchase  in advance:

A Very Special limited edition printed box containing the cd itself and a book constituting Liver & Lights No 54, containing illustrated lyrics and more, decorated by hand printing and containing other covetable surprises £12.00

An extra special extra limited edition bespoke 12 inch vinyl long playing 331/3 rpm record in a hand printed sleeve and containing signed prints and  real drawings of the band.  
(We will only make these individually to order so don’t miss out!!)  £25. (first edition is sold out...if there's enough interest
I will make a second edition.....

The albums will be ready for posting out in mid March  and really are limited editions so please order your copies now.

Postage is £2.00 extra for cd..£3 for vinyl. Postage is free on multiple copies

Please pay by Paypal to :

Or by old fashioned cheque made payable to:
Liver & Lights Scriptorium (and sent by post  to: Liver & lights , 229 Railton Road, London, SE24 0LX)

Or  by Bank Transfer (details on request)

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Vinyl Sold Out!

Dear Bones fans 
and other chums,
The Vinyl version of our album is now
sold out so if you haven't paid up I'm afraid
you've missed out for now.....

 However, if there are enough people
interested we will consider doing a second
edition so let us know as soon as possible.

The cost will remain £25.00 and be payable
in advance.......

Our sincerest heartfelt thanks
to those of you who paid the £25.00
up front...I am making the covers now and the Vinyl
itself will arrive later this month.

A drawing of the band by Chiara Ambrosio

 Each cover will be hand printed and each copy will
also contain a lovely book and a signed
very limited edition print!

The CD version is ready for posting out and will
start to arrive on doorsteps towards the end
of next week!

 There are still  some CD's
left and
they are still £14 including P&P, payable Paypal to or cheque to Liver&Lights
sent to 229 Railton Rd London SE240LX
or bank transfer (details on request)

This is a fantastic photo of me
taken at the Horse Hospital by the fabulous
and noted photographer English Man

 This is a print of Railton Road that might be issued as
 limited edition signed print in the vinyl album

This is the disc centrepiece, a detail from our new
backdrop, which I am making for our summer tour
with Bird Radio....

 Ian at the Horse Hospital, taken by the
wonderful Abul Ahmed, our documenter extraordinaire...

Lord Biscuits Volvo, a rubber stamp...

The man himself, Lord of Thunder
and Prince of Penge