Tuesday, 7 June 2016

More tour stuff

So the Living Room tour rumbles on,
the first half has concluded with a truly amazing gig in the Victorian
manor house of  Archer Lodge in sunny St leonards,
a town I have grown to love...

Thank you so much to all the wonderful hosts
and your amazing sacrifice and hospitality.
Evelyn and Chris and Guy and Lucy Rutter on our first night in Faversham, 
in the legendary Baton factory,
Keano, Chloe, Saoirse, and Oscar the dog in Lewes, 
playing in the magical sunset and into the dark,
Will Stephens and Chloe Dewe Mathew's second floor flat
 in St Leonards, my new favourite town,
with added extra Karaoke fun.....
Dave and Sarah Morgan with their splendid Marquee
and the most memorable sausages in Bournemouth and of course
the lovely Gail and Paul and even lovelier naughty whippets 
who stole and ate
all Sarah Morgan's cakes 
and  not forgetting the splendid daughters
and in particular Alice, who played so delightfully with us 
and sold our t-shirts so enthusiastically;

The true star of the show though, wasn't us, or them
it was you, our magical and enthusiastic audiences-
come again soon into our hearts
because we love you all.

These are our remaining dates for the summer and your welcome to come to
any but give us a tinkle first so we can let the hosts know,
except for the last night of the tour back at our house in lLondon...
you are all welcome to that!

PS Please note the date for this has changed to 
Sunday 10th July 6pm

Sunday 26th June
Leigh Folk Festival
Bones & The Aft/ Bird Radio combined!
Old Leigh
11am til 9pm
More Inf  coming soon...

Saturday 2nd July
Tobion John's House
Dingle Cottage
Garway Hill
Performance times tbc

Saturday 9th July
London Institute of Pataphysics
25 Langdon Park Rd
N6 5PT
7pm ?

Saturday 10th July
Liver & Lights Scriptorium
229 Railton Road
SE24 0LX
6pm Music from 730pm til 930

…finished by 10 and off to the pub

Here are some more photos of the tour:



 Mikey in Lewes...


 Bournemouth...Thanks Alex Hughes

 Old Pottsy...(painted Suit..Copyright Pop Estates courtesy Englishman)

St Leonards... Copyright Pop Estates courtesy Englishman

 Mikey St Leonards..Copyright Pop Estates courtesy Englishman

 Ian St Leonards Copyright Pop Estates courtesy Englishman

 Copyright Pop Estates courtesy Englishman

 Mikey Bird Radio St Leonards.Copyright Pop Estates courtesy Englishman

Ian St Leonards.Copyright Pop Estates courtesy Englishman

Finally...we are writing songs  about the adventures we have
on the tour, the people we meet, the houses
collecting stories...a new and joint album coming soon!!!
 See you all soon!!

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