Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Vinyl and Gigs News

Just finished printing the covers for
imminent new Long Playing Record
You've Been Kind 
A collaboration between
Bonesandtheaft and the mighty Bird Radio
which will be coming out in the 
next few weeks.
Liver & Lights No 55. You've Been Kind
CD with Zine £10.00
Vinyl LP  £15.00

our eternal house tour resumes
with two gigs in London:

We are in North London on Saturday 10th June (7 pm)
and South London on Sunday 11th June (6pm) .

If you want to attend please contact
us by email at
and we will forward you the 
Secret Locations

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

You've been kind! Bird Radio / bonesandtheaft New Album is Here!!

New album is here!
All being sent out now if you ordered one it will
arrive in the next few days........

Each copy contains a lovely zine with all the lyrics
jointly written by Bird Radio and myself,
loads of tasteful photos taken by us and 
the inimitable Englishman, our documenter in chief
 popEstates photography
and a new collaborative album containing
a track for each of the houses we visited on last years a bonus live  version of kathys Plums...

The vinyl version, made one by one in a limited edition
of 100 copies and with a gloriously artiferous
hand printed cover

will be ready at the end of June
and we will be doing a special launch gig to
celebrate its birth....

You've been Kind!!

If you want to buy a copy please send 
£10.00 plus  £1 p&p to the various points below

(PS. The vinyl version of the album will also contain the ‘zine…
...there are only a few copies left at £15.00 plus £2 p&P)

Cheque: by post, payable to Liver& Lights Scriptorium, 
229 Railton Rd, London,  SE24 0LX

Bank Transfer: (email me for details)

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

House tour take two

 Those are Englishman's (copyright popEstates) 
best photos from our wonderful gig
Bonesandtheaft with Bird Radio
 at Peter Anderson and Claire Cameron's
 Blackheath mansion last Friday....
We had so much fun!!!....
Bird Radio played four new songs,
we played three
Seven costume changes!
...and two encores!

Incidentally, if you want to share in the fun and
book us to play in
your house this summer we have three
dates left....and these will be intimate
(In other words without the drums, as Lord Biscuit
is abroad at a wedding for the week..)

The dates are :
Thursday 1st June
Friday 2nd June
Saturday 3rd June

Let us know as soon as possible if your interested...

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Liver & Lights No 55. You've Been Kind Zine !

Liver & Lights No. 55
Bird Radio/Bones & The Aft
You’ve Been Kind Zine!

Dear Cherished and Loyal Subscribers, 

I have this week made a ‘zine celebrating the dwellings  and  dwellers 
of last years most memorable bonesandtheaft/bird radio house tour! 
Printed on fashionable brown paper and bound in recycled brown card, 
it also contains all the poems  and lyrics myself  and Mikey Kirkpatrick (Bird Radio) 
scribbled out between gigs.

Each lyric is a mysterious fable of contemporary England, 
poetic myths illuminated by photographs of our mischief, 
snapped mid-revery by ourselves, our friends and in particular, 
our documenter-in-chief, the Englishman, aka popEstates photography. 

Each copy of the zine contains various handmade elements and will 
be signed by the contributers.
It will be issued in a limited edition of only 100 copies, delivered 
to you noble supporters  on the customary  first come, first served basis. 
Each copy will also contain a copy of, and serve as the packaging for, 
the fabulous recently recorded bonesandtheaft/bird radio collaborative 
audio CD ‘You’ve been kind’, 
information about which and track listings 
are also  contained in the ‘zine.

If you want to reserve a copy please send 
£10.00 plus  £1 p&p to the various points below

(PS. The vinyl version of the album will also contain the ‘zine…
...there are only a few copies left at £15.00 plus £2 p&P)

Spring is here!
Love and Sunshine to you all

John B x

Cheque: by post, payable to Liver& Lights Scriptorium, 
229 Railton Rd, London,  SE24 0LX

Bank Transfer: (email me for details)

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

we wanna play in your house again!

We wanna play in your house again!!!

How do you feel about us coming round  to your house and setting up 
our brand new intimate hand painted portable stage set and pa system 
and playing  a gig just for you? 
All you have to do is clear out a room and invite an audience - 
as few or as many
guests as you wish and we will play just for you..........

After passing round the hat, we will sign books and records 
and camp in your garden and drink your wine and in the morning 
after eating your toast we will pack up our hankies on sticks 
and you can come out into the street to wave us on our way!

If you are interested in having us please contact us at the various
points below. It doesn't matter how small your house is….we will adapt to fit!!  
The prospective tour dates are as follows (Dates in brackets already booked-in):

(Friday 21st April.  
Anderson/Cameron. Blackheath)

Saturday 22nd April
Sunday 23rd April

Wed 31st May
Thurs1st June
Friday 2nd June
Saturday 3rd June
(Keano and Chloes Lewes)
Sunday 4th June

Fri 9th June   
(Sat 10th June- Bounds Green N22) 

Sun 11th June 
Railton rd London (Clive and Jill)
Sunday 18th June

Fri 21 July
Sat 22 July
Jon Parrin's St Leonards
Sunday 23rd July

Contact Us:

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Book Gig Photos

Big Big thank you to everyone  who came to the launch of my book
on Saturday, for making it a special night and 
being a rapt respectful apologies for
sweating all over your heads. Here are some fantastic photos taken by
the inimitable Englishman (popEstates), the inestimable Alex Hughes
and the inexhaustible Abigail Tripp...more to come, and films too!

                                                           Copyright Abigail Tripp?

 Alex Hughes took this i think...

                                                        Alex  Hughes took this too...

                                           Arthur Bently and Bird Radio by Alex Hughes?

                                                              copyright popEstates

Abigail T took this

John in One Shoe Mickey  costume drawn by
Chiara Ambrosio

                                                               copyright popEstates

                                                                copyright popEstates

                                                              copyright popEstates

and finally, Abigail Tripp took this I think...  
  copyright popEstates
Chiara and Mikey smiling...

 copyright popEstates

  copyright popEstates

 copyright popEstates
One Shoe Mickey...

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

bird radio/ bones collaborative album

Bird Radio 
Bones & The Aft

You’ve Been Kind!

Last year 
Bird Radio and Bones & The Aft 
toured the south coast of England creating musical magic 
in the homes of brave  and willing supporters, 
behaving like travelling minstrels and dispensing much cheer. 
In a spirit of splendid collaboration we have created 
a song for each of the houses we stayed in and have spent 
the winter whittling these into a splendid album 
to be released on strictly limited edition vinyl on: 

May 20th 2017:

If you want to reserve an advance copy of this 
deliciously hand made vinyl album of
 a mere 50 special edition copies,
 each one also containing a hand made book
 commemorating the tour containing photos,
 drawings and all the lyrics we wrote on our journey
 and other special gifts all you need to do is send us
 some cash in advance and  a rare and special thing is yours:

 £15.00 Plus £2 p&p

You can also pay by:

Cheque: payable to Liver& Lights Scriptorium 
(229 Railton Rd, London, SE240LX)
Bank Transfer: Details on request

(There will also be a CD and download version 
of the album, containing additional live tracks
..more info soon)

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Book launch 2017

Book Art Book Shop
Liver & Lights Scriptorium
From Herne Hill to the
Plains of Penge

A new paperback published by Book Art Book Shop containing
 the collected Lyrics of John Bently as performed
 currently by Bones and the Aft, and latterly by The Afterrabbit etc

You are invited to a
Special Launch Performance

Bones & the Aft with Bird Radio

Saturday 11th march 2017,
7pm  until 10. 30pm

Old Paradise Yard
20 Carlisle Lane
(Royal Street Corner next to
Archbishops Park)

More Info:


There will be a small entrance fee of £5

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Tour Photos 2016

These are a few photos of our pretty unforgettable tour of
people houses last year  as 
Bones & The Aft Plus Bird Radio....
Mostly taken by the inimitable


We really have written a song for each house and 
have nearly finished recording them for another
Vinyl Album!!!!!

Coming Soon !!!!!
Also, we are going to do it again next year
so watch this space for
further details........

 putting up backdrop, Lewes

You will find Mikey in the garden....Lewes

 Mucking about in Faversham

  Spooky in Bournemouth...

 Bournemouth setting up



 Englishman cooking his scrambled eggs in St Leonards


Bird Radio and John B Hereford

Admiral Lord Biscuit

Leigh Folk Festival

 Bird Radio at Will and Chloe's flat St Leonards

 The Volvo!

 The Arches...St Leonards

 Bournemouth, in  the garden

Lord B

Hereford, Garway Hill

  Dave and Sarah Bournemouth



and finally home at last....

the full set of Englishman's tour photos is here: