Wednesday, 8 February 2017

bird radio/ bones collaborative album

Bird Radio 
Bones & The Aft

You’ve Been Kind!

Last year 
Bird Radio and Bones & The Aft 
toured the south coast of England creating musical magic 
in the homes of brave  and willing supporters, 
behaving like travelling minstrels and dispensing much cheer. 
In a spirit of splendid collaboration we have created 
a song for each of the houses we stayed in and have spent 
the winter whittling these into a splendid album 
to be released on strictly limited edition vinyl on: 

May 20th 2017:

If you want to reserve an advance copy of this 
deliciously hand made vinyl album of
 a mere 50 special edition copies,
 each one also containing a hand made book
 commemorating the tour containing photos,
 drawings and all the lyrics we wrote on our journey
 and other special gifts all you need to do is send us
 some cash in advance and  a rare and special thing is yours:

 £15.00 Plus £2 p&p

You can also pay by:

Cheque: payable to Liver& Lights Scriptorium 
(229 Railton Rd, London, SE240LX)
Bank Transfer: Details on request

(There will also be a CD and download version 
of the album, containing additional live tracks
..more info soon)


  1. Please reserve You've Been Kind for me. I will be at your Iklectik gig on 11th. Can you bring it there for me. Also please send me your bank transfer details. C x

    1. Hi won't be ready till May !! I'll text you bank details.... see you on March 11th...incidentally did Chiara contact you about reading one of my 100 poems at Horse Hospital on Feb 23rd? I gave her your email address! Please Come ! xxx