Wednesday, 15 March 2017

we wanna play in your house again!

We wanna play in your house again!!!

How do you feel about us coming round  to your house and setting up 
our brand new intimate hand painted portable stage set and pa system 
and playing  a gig just for you? 
All you have to do is clear out a room and invite an audience - 
as few or as many
guests as you wish and we will play just for you..........

After passing round the hat, we will sign books and records 
and camp in your garden and drink your wine and in the morning 
after eating your toast we will pack up our hankies on sticks 
and you can come out into the street to wave us on our way!

If you are interested in having us please contact us at the various
points below. It doesn't matter how small your house is….we will adapt to fit!!  
The prospective tour dates are as follows (Dates in brackets already booked-in):

(Friday 21st April.  
Anderson/Cameron. Blackheath)

Saturday 22nd April
Sunday 23rd April

Wed 31st May
Thurs1st June
Friday 2nd June
Saturday 3rd June
(Keano and Chloes Lewes)
Sunday 4th June

Fri 9th June   
(Sat 10th June- Bounds Green N22) 

Sun 11th June 
Railton rd London (Clive and Jill)
Sunday 18th June

Fri 21 July
Sat 22 July
Jon Parrin's St Leonards
Sunday 23rd July

Contact Us:

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